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An older and more world-wise man might have been puzzled by her varying moods, her sudden prejudices, her quick resentment at all constraint and authority.
Witnessing the sensual dance moves of the other teens at a holiday camp, Baby's eyes are opened to a whole new world as she embarks on a troubled relationship with her world-wise teacher.
Bullied at school and sent away from her single mother at 10 for her part in a death, Tilly returns as a glamorous, world-wise vixen, who turns heads in her stunning creations and soon has the small-minded women (and men) of Dungatar in her thrall.
The reader is kept fascinated by the nine-year relationship between a somewhat autistic, naive, but intelligent butcher's son and a street-smart and world-wise hippy daughter of a struggling artist, who teaches the younger Liuwe about the ways of the world and introduces him to alternative pop music, books, new vocabulary, soft drugs, sex, and much more.
This is the first visit in the region and the second on world-wise following his visit to New York to attend the deliberations of the United Nations.
For example, many years ago, just after the war, a world-wise West Derby sailor in his forties was dancing with an incredibly beautiful brunette in the Grafton when he noticed a green tail dangling down from under her skirt.
Since launching the brand in 2002 with husband Jonathan Skow, Trina Turk has championed the effortless elan and sunny optimism of her native California through world-wise women's ready-to-wear and accessories, a menswear line called Mr.
Although Josie is too world-wise to pin her hopes on some Prince Charming, she is counting on books to factor into her salvation.
In a statement issued today, they said: "The Crown Prince will be mentioned in the Kingdom and abroad, as a world-wise leader and an experienced statesman whose achievements contributed to the achievement of regional stability and world peace and security.
Founded in 2003, Skype currently has 663 million users world-wise.
Yet even the world-wise Toshack might have been a little taken aback by the goings-on surrounding troubled Cardiff City striker Ross McCormack yesterday.
Commenting on the agreement Shri B M Vyas, Managing Director, GCMMF, said that "Amul has deployed Information Technology up to the hilt right from the grass-root level of Village Dairy Cooperative Societies by deploying technologies like Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS) and also developed several innovative Business Processes unique to the country and known World-wise as 'Amul Pattern'.