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An older and more world-wise man might have been puzzled by her varying moods, her sudden prejudices, her quick resentment at all constraint and authority.
I'm going to miss George, one of very few people in this age of easy, convenient, impersonal, and perfunctory connections who would every now and then, out of the blue, neither out of need nor occasion, give me a call just to share with me some hilarious anecdote about current goings-on or discuss with me in his world-wise fashion the talk of the day or the personality-du-jour.
Miss Evans, making her debut as The Marschallin, gave a spellbinding performance of this complex, world-wise character, revealing both her emotional strength and vulnerability.
They are too smart and world-wise to be awed by Du30.
Our correspondents report from the spot, and world-wise travellers can use the blogs to share their tips and help each other, says Ritva Naumanen, Content and Communications Specialist at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs who coordinates the project.
Over four days in December 2012, the audience in Munich's Gasteig Philharmonic Hall was served a differentiated, sensitive, mellow and world-wise rendition of Beethoven by conductor Kurt Masur.
Witnessing the sensual dance moves of the other teens at a holiday camp, Baby's eyes are opened to a whole new world as she embarks on a troubled relationship with her world-wise teacher.
Bullied at school and sent away from her single mother at 10 for her part in a death, Tilly returns as a glamorous, world-wise vixen, who turns heads in her stunning creations and soon has the small-minded women (and men) of Dungatar in her thrall.
At the same time, they see themselves as urban and world-wise youth who yearn for Western (boko) education and consumer goods.
And here, too, the focus is on another odd "couple." The reader is kept fascinated by the nine-year relationship between a somewhat autistic, naive, but intelligent butcher's son and a street-smart and world-wise hippy daughter of a struggling artist, who teaches the younger Liuwe about the ways of the world and introduces him to alternative pop music, books, new vocabulary, soft drugs, sex, and much more.
This is the first visit in the region and the second on world-wise following his visit to New York to attend the deliberations of the United Nations.
For example, many years ago, just after the war, a world-wise West Derby sailor in his forties was dancing with an incredibly beautiful brunette in the Grafton when he noticed a green tail dangling down from under her skirt.