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By the 1930s, though, as Reyes became worldlier through his travels and readings, and as archeology and philology unveiled cultures that put into question the very foundations of coloniality as an epistemological enterprise, he began cross-listing Western traditions to a widening set of cultural references.
In the context of the "two old-believers" of line three, the speaker appears as a less rural and worldlier New Englander.
As I've become a worldlier person, my cooking has gone through many phases.
Louise, I'll put it to you plainly," she tells the far worldlier 15-year-old vamp.
A musical and melodrama film, at a time when the folkloric musical was in decline in Spain, Diferente offered a worldlier, cosmopolitan flavor to Spanish spectators.
Today's Saudis reaching adulthood are more self-aware, worldlier and less patient than the old stereotype.
By minding the role of regret we come to make our economics worldlier, more relevant, and more robust.
He is worldlier than the other artisans, and travels frequently to the U.