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So I am interested now in the worldliness of those values-as invitations to engage the world differently from our dispositions when we want to describe or explain features of the world, especially in the service of practical and moral judgments.
His kind of magical realism is firmly rooted in a desert ethic he believes to be superior to mere worldliness.
She added: "Despite his worldliness, underneath it all Bob can be very nave.
The sophistication, the worldliness of Hong Kong people has already reached the level where universal suffrage can be allowed".
Unlike other sects of Buddhism, which condemn ritualism and worldliness, the tantric sect revolves around rituals and magical traditions.
ALTHOUGH IT'S not billed as a conceptual album, Coldplay's fourth full-length, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, is tied together by a tangible sonic worldliness not to mention brooding lyrics about the ephemeral nature of power, love and, of course, life.
Crucially, however, what's at stake is not only an abstract appeal to any hegemonic structure; the carpet also literally invites us to enter into an art space, a place endowed with the power to include and validate, where worldliness and sophistication conceal hypocrisy and dirt.
Written and directed by Laurie Collyer, ``Sherrybaby'' looks at a woman who has never really grown up, despite her worldliness and sexuality, and now she's haltingly trying to find her way.
Instead, they struggled with the question of self-interest and worldliness as the market for cattle boomed in the 1630s.
Every part was crafted with financier Vanderbilt in mind--his worldliness, travels, power, and prestige--and incorporates materials, designs, and motifs from around the world.
The menu, short yet expansive, is the best testament to the balance the restaurant strikes between down-home familiarity and exotic worldliness.
The worldliness which Primitive Baptists railed against seemed to be found most readily among those whom they previously counted as brothers in Christ.