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Just the kind of group that needs religion to be reduced to sexual ethics, lest anyone start challenging worldliness per se, or, worse, discussing camels and needles' eyes.
Further, the earth-world distinction is not only key to her intervention in materialism, but also to conceptualising 'worldliness' as a political attitude.
Chapter headings include "Play as a Philosophical Problem," "Metaphysical Interpretations of Play," "The Interpretation of Play in Myth," and "The Worldliness of Human Play." This section concludes with an essay published in 1975 on "Play and Celebration." Four shorter works--"Child's Play" (1959), "Play and Philosophy" (1966), "The World Significance of Play" (1973), and "Play and Cult" (1972-1973?)--are found in the next section.
This is especially true, perhaps, for American Jews, who see in their grandparents certain virtuesof toughness, worldliness, practicality, and pridethat are in short supply among later, richer, and softer Jewish generations.
The affluent do it for sheer insolence, worldliness, revelry, craze, avarice, lust and overindulgence; and, oh, they savor it with impunity while wreaking havoc on their lives and those of others, their families and the whole country.
The message of Sufism, which revolves around spirituality and other worldliness, has found a home for itself within the realm of music as it through this medium alone that it is able to generate the most impact.
Inspired by the Arabic pronunciation of musk, Mysk carries the fragrance of Shaza into a renewed and festive worldliness. Like its parent, Mysk is born out of the Middle Eastern culture, closely tied to the rich and ever evolving Arabian culture.
IN Aberystwyth in 1948, he was among a minority of students who went to university straight from school for it was the age of the ex-serviceman, of older men who had returned from the war to begin or complete their studies, thus introducing a more robust atmosphere to the common rooms and lecture halls, perhaps a worldliness that would otherwise have been absent.
For a quarter century, Pierre Bismuth has inventively corrupted Conceptualism's systems thinking with chance, worldliness, and wit--see Things I remember I've done, but don't remember why I did them, 1998, the collection of drawings, objects, films, and photographs he exhibited after he had finally forgotten the rationale behind them, or his series of scribbly abstractions derived from the movement of actresses' hands throughout a movie, "Following the right hand of," 2009-.
Mick seduces Iris with his worldliness, and the two quickly form a secret relationship.
Francis lures his prey into the trap of God's love, without making it aware that, once caught, it will have to shed its vices and its worldliness.
The new logo still includes three pillars, but the added "roundel expresses customer centricity and worldliness," says a Swiss Re statement.