worldly belongings

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The stories from Kosovo are heartbreakers: of mothers with their starving, crying children; of old women sitting waiting on the wet earth, not knowing what they're waiting for, maybe death; of an old man by his wagon, in despair, his worldly belongings reduced to a blanket and a box.
He leveraged himself into company ownership with modest savings and a mortgage on his entire worldly belongings.
Yes, it can be a poor traveller, someone with few or no worldly belongings, maybe a refugee, an asylum seeker, an adventurer or someone in search of happiness and riches - as we all probably want riches and wealth, to receive so that we can have enough for ourselves, and so we can share with others of our abundance.
Ben Smith was planning to move to his family's new home in Hipperholme at the weekend when one of the three vans carrying all their worldly belongings was stolen as workmen loaded the other.
I packed up my old Ford Fiesta with all my worldly belongings and headed for city life, sleeping on floors and then in bedsits until I had earned enough to rent my first flat.
The parents were sprawled asleep amid bags that seemed to hold their worldly belongings; their two girls were a couple of meters down-one maybe four years old, the other looking younger-eating something out of a small plastic bag.
|This week a Shar-Pei called Kai made headlines when he was left tied up outside Ayr train station, with a pull-along containing his worldly belongings: a pillow, some food and drink, a bowl and a toy.
The house where I left all my worldly belongings has since undergone many radical changes as well as change in ownership.
With 1940s styling, it tells the story of bickering orphans Beth and Roy who have no home and travel aimlessly from place-to-place pushing all their worldly belongings in an old pram.
Their only props are four chairs and a black bin bag, which symbolises the bag Jonny was once presented with, containing all his worldly belongings.
The depth and extent of human and material loss and suffering was colossal, and so should be the effort to bring comfort and compassion to children who lost their parents and parents who lost their children and worldly belongings.