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"Unfortunately, it is believed by the family that some horrible person or persons were watching the hire van being loaded and decided later that night to steal the hire van containing all of John's worldly possessions.
An utterly specious excuse for a factual entertainment show, it took several groups of friends from around Britain and sheared them of all their worldly possessions.
For the rest of his days, he lived the life of a wandering religious hermit, traveling with just a Bible in his knapsack and few other worldly possessions. He stayed with various friends, often giving lessons in exchange for food and lodging.
Rather than fighting the charges, they donated all their worldly possessions and retreated to a cave to pray.
He travels the world teaching people physical skills with all his worldly possessions in his back-pack, believing that the danger of possessions is they end up possessing us.
The aim is to restore dignity and bring a little light to the lives of despondent and demoralised men, who often have nothing in the way of worldly possessions.
Our true worth is found not on worldly possessions but on our relationship with God and our fellow human beings.
Their quest for worldly possessions must be discouraged--only then can they lead their people towards industrialisation.
Broke and knocked up, she's got all her worldly possessions crammed into six giant trash bags, and nowhere to go.
Her training will begin with her having to let go of all her worldly possessions and forget her previous identity.
From how transformation works to connect newfound values and love to finding joy in something other than accumulating worldly possessions, When Love Speaks is all about finding, recognizing, and using the joys and opportunities inherent in daily life experiences and perhaps this is the book's greatest strength.