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Dawonlay, says that "we all have the same blood, but some people value worldly wealth more than fellow human beings." Bugta ("land" in Higaonon) by D.
In particular, Calvinism introduced the concept that working is a sacred duty and that worldly wealth is a sign of the favour of the Lord.
May we recognize, acknowledge and focus on grace more, and less on worldly wealth and achievements.
This young Shulamite woman was in love with a young shepherd who didn't have much worldly wealth to offer her, but he was her beloved.
But now I find that communities have grown in worldly wealth. Our young people believe that love is sensuality.
Many people reacted positively to his posts on social media because he was a celebrity not only focusing on the worldly wealth, but who also remains aware of his religious duties as a Muslim.
To the wealthy, Hell will say: 'Allah showered you with abundant worldly wealth, but when He asked you for a loan, you refused out of your stinginess.' Hell, then, will swallow him.
Her will provides that her worldly wealth goes to a sports foundation.
He gave up his worldly wealth and sought the three spiritual jewels of Jainism, called right faith, right knowledge, and right conduct.
When Narendra Modi has acquired all worldly wealth, he should also look after Jashodaben.
One Francis inspires the burning flame of voluntary poverty and detachment from worldly wealth and power; the other ignites the fiery flame of missionary zeal and effervescent enthusiasm to spread the Good News of abundant life in Jesus Christ to every land.
"He said he has his worldly wealth in that wallet and after crawling around in the snow he was badly chilled.