worldly wisdom

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Achieving almost instant promotion from Division Four (that's League Two, younger readers), Toshack went back to Anfield to snap up the worldly wisdom of Tommy Smith and Ian Callaghan and the youthful promise of Anfield old boy Alan Waddle from Leicester.
Our biblical books of worldly wisdom, particularly Ecclesiastes and Proverbs, abound with observations on life that cannot but strike the reader as profound, timeless insights, which resonate in one's mind and come forward from time to time when they are applicable to the circumstances.
As elder stateswomen who have seen it all, they offer worldly wisdom for young up-and-comers whose lives are on the fast track and (whether they know it or not) spinning out of control.
Alan Hersh's new book, A Pianist's Dictionary, is both a personal memoir and a compendium of worldly wisdom for the aspiring, as well as the veteran, pianist.
But the years and worldly wisdom often go unnoticed.
Oh yes," nodded Arthur with worldly wisdom, "much better.
But there is a lack of worldly wisdom behind his boyish eyes that should come with being hundreds of years old on account of so much time travelling across the galaxy.
Robinson had the additional advantage of a strong cast headed by John Fanning, whose Casanova struck just the right balance between sensuality and mature, worldly wisdom.
The "Wisdom Writings" of the Hebrew Bible enshrined in the Vulgate Old Testament--principally Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Ecclesiasticus, Wisdom, and the Song of Songs--combine the dispensation of worldly wisdom in the form of proverbs and meditations with the telling of an allegorical love story between "Solomon," to whom these texts are traditionally ascribed, and the personified figure of Sophia or Sapientia.
Woe to the man or woman who betrays the mystery of the faith and distorts it into worldly wisdom.
But the term 'expert' implies the use of well-defined strategy, indicates a degree of worldly wisdom, supposes a certain flair for the art of the game.
Tiatia played in Japan as well as New Zealand before moving to Swansea, and his worldly wisdom is helping youngsters half his age as they chase honours on three fronts.