worldly wisdom

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To his students, he was a living God of accounting knowledge and worldly wisdom. As a PhD supervisor and mentor, Michael selflessly encouraged and empowered his students to confront pertinent questions in accounting research concerning the state of the human condition.
Not sure about the other two, who were wiser than Aamer, but the young lad who hardly had any worldly wisdom surely did deserve.
The focus on such "pocketbook" issues by US presidential candidates may provide some insight into their worldly wisdom. But the point is to communicate candidates' responsiveness to the concerns of average Americans, which means that foreign policy usually takes a backseat in presidential campaigns.
Each story ended with a final "Thanks, Doc!" after the main character shared his worldly wisdom, so that's what I named the series.
assessed three Has made a " Despite the worldly wisdom accrued beside Steve Bruce, despite his blackest days at Ewood Park and even during Celtic's implosion under John Barnes, there's still nothing Black loves more than the feeling of grass under his studs and the notion he has the ability to improve a player.
Luckily, growing older has many benefits - retirement, grandkids and a little more worldly wisdom come to mind.
There was the worldly wisdom that a parent passes on: Mum had an enormous stock of proverbs and traditional wise sayings.
Worldly wisdom The Church shouldn't get involved with politics!
I liked the quote from John Maynard Keynes, which made me think of David Swensen's "Unconventional Success": "Worldly wisdom teaches that it is better for reputation to fail conventionally than to succeed unconventionally."
Liberty and delight co-exist with worldly wisdom and satire.
Maybe he was indeed a science student interested in cars before he left the worldly wisdom for a higher spiritual conquest.
Be sure to catch the worldly wisdom and acerbic wit of the self-styled crown prince of 'bitter', the wonderful JOHN MOLONEY.