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The "Shikarris" made him President of the Regimental Dramatic Club; and, when the Senior Subaltern paid up his debt, which he did at once, The Worm sank the money in scenery and dresses.
Farmers in two Pangasinan towns are now waging war against army worms that have invaded their vegetable and onion farms.
The worm gearings with axis not parallel and not concurrent are in the main cases reducing gears that mean that the worm is the motor element.
2 : to get hold of or escape from by trickery <I tried to worm my way out of trouble.
She spoke about the different parts of a worm, called segments, and how worms have two stomachs and five hearts, and can survive if they happen to be cut in half.
A female worm can grow to it's full length of 1 meter (3 feet), while the infected person is unaware of the stringy intruder.
Some worms that live on deep-sea vents can stand temperatures that most other animals on Earth won't tolerate.
Once the cricket hits the water, the worm needs about 10 minutes to wriggle free.
The two dominant mid-range tape technologies--Super DLTtape II and Linear Tape Open Ultrium 3 (LTO 3)--have embraced the WORM concept and both now offer WORM functionality, although each takes a different approach.
The worm can also install a hidden program so that infected computers can be controlled remotely at a later date.
To set up a worm system, called vermicomposting, first determine how much waste you go through in a week.
A is an Internet worm that spreads through e-mail by using addresses it collects from local files.