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New Delhi [India], April 4 ( ANI ): A day after Shahid Afridi termed the conditions in Kashmir as "appalling and worrisome" and called for United Nation's intervention to stop the "bloodshed", senior Congress leader Rajeev Shukla on Wednesday said his allegations were unfounded as the former Pakistan cricket lacked the understanding of the situation in Kashmir.
A credit growth that has been consistently faster than the growth of the economy or one that pushes outstanding loans of banks to exceed deposits is considered worrisome, it said.
worrisome that Iran has taken this step, which is symptomatic of its
'The fact that no verifiable data exists in the country on the real number of persons with disabilities and their disability types, thus, giving room to institutionalized exclusion and marginalisation in developmental agenda in the country, is very worrisome.'
If this is what he means, then this matter is worrisome. We believe in the CBI, it works according to law and is transparent," said Agarwal.
Many people reject the mayonnaise-, butter-, and oil-rich regimen as unpalatable, or they experience worrisome surges in cholesterol.
Greenbaum conceded that the market is presently in a downturn, which is not real estate-led, and although the situation is worrisome, it's not a bad thing that everybody is a little worried.
What proves worrisome is the fact that most teachers coming into the system today have been formed by a post-Christian, secular culture.
It has been particularly endemic in the education sector, and it is worrisome that little or no measures have been taken to curb the menace.
Legislator from Gumla, Geetashri Urav came down hard on the police deployed in the region and said that the alarming rise in the rate of crime and killings in this region was worrisome.
Nevertheless, the data suggest that the heightened pneumonia risk could be particularly worrisome for immune-suppressed individuals, the elderly, or those with chronic lung problems, Laheij says.
"They say 'The absence of worry is worrisome.' It's good that everyone here is a little worried."