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Worrisomely, those who self-injure can become better at self-injury by learning from people they meet online.
The first chapter, worrisomely titled "Endopsychic Allegories" (after Rickels's September 2007 Postmodern Culture article of the same name), briefly discusses Dick's VALIS trilogy--his final three novels: VALIS (1981), The Divine Invasion (1981), and the posthumously published The Transmigration of Timothy Archer (1982)-but sacrifices literary analysis for wide-ranging meditations about Freud, Schreber, Benjamin, spiritualism, and allegory that, in the end, offer little insight into the novels themselves.
In "The Woman and Blood," a husband fusses worrisomely over a finger cut by a pocketknife.
I think the answer is, as they begin to get into it as we did, it's way more expensive than people think, and the outcomes might be worrisomely lower.
In contrast to the ordinary and customary waxing and waning of sexual desire, HSDD is described as a persistent loss of desire that is distressing to a woman, one who reports having had satisfactory sexual desires and activity throughout much of her life, and now notices the worrisomely diminished difference in her sexual responsiveness.
But the resident of Canada who is oblivious to hockey is either newly arrived or worrisomely estranged from the culture.
In the other parts of Estonia, the discrepancies are less, but still worrisomely exceeding 1 mGal.
Corporate governance failures will inevitably be met with calls for draconian reform and, most worrisomely, the imposition of liability on the directors who were supposed to be minding the store.
Along the Indus River, 2009 looks worrisomely like 1861 did on the Potomac, the river which flows through West Virginia and Washington.
Jon Stewart's satirical "The Daily Show" is the major source of news to a worrisomely large fraction of younger Americans.
As for the latter possibility, any approach to criminal justice that caters to irrational community reactions to crime is likely to lead to worrisomely oppressive results.