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Chacko said that people like Mirwaiz are worsening the situation in Kashmir.
The primary endpoint was disease worsening during follow-up, according to worsening in disease-specific composite measures and / or a consensus between an investigator and a patient that led to a major change in treatment.
Moreover, a positive screen for depression at baseline was associated with worsening pain at year three.
It is a source of concern for everybody in the world so it is a source of concern to us as well because Europe is a very important trade and business partner for the UAE and worsening conditions economic and financial will reflect on everybody," Governor Sultan Nasser al-Suweidi told reporters.
During exacerbations of allergic rhinitis, people experience worsening of mood, cognition, and overall well-being.
At the end of June 2009 compared to the same period in 2008, the number of Lithuanians stating that the economic situation is worsening rose 18 percent.
Unfortunately, so, too, is the number of small-business respondents who reported worsening credit-card terms.
To figure out rates of worsening liver disease in people with HIV and HCV, researchers in Canada and Australia examined results from 17 studies that appeared from 1990 through 2007.
MADRID -- Patients with a cardiovascular abnormality who also take an ergotamine-derived dopamine agonist are at an increased risk for a worsening of their heart problems.
The results showed that levels of homocysteine increased with worsening functional and laboratory measures of CHF.
In response to the selectively released intelligence study, which stated that our presence in Iraq is worsening the situation there, that master of illogic Dick Cheney said we must stay in Iraq because the situation is worsening.