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Creating two models to explain her main understandings about the relationship between worship and mission, Meyers shows how "missional worship" and "worshipful mission" would be possible.
Wilson apply the word "worshipful" to my Madison biography would have been to join in denying that my subject ever did anything worthwhile at all.
Also among the vast range of participating livery companies were the Worshipful Companies of Goldsmiths, Butchers, Innholders, Weavers, Distillers, Clockmakers and even Tax Advisers.
Peter said: "It is a true privilege to be honoured with such a prestigious prize awarded by the Worshipful Company of Engineers.
The lodge currently has 34 members, including Worshipful Master Adam Jolicoeur and Senior Warden Thadeus J.
Ms Bailey was presented with the Hawley Award and a cheque for pounds 5,000 at the Worshipful Company of Engineers' Annual Awards Dinner in London.
After registration and the required amount of practical experience you will have the opportunity to achieve Associateship and/or Fellowship of the Worshipful Company of Farriers.
Both Renee Robinson and Linda Celeste Sims shone as a worshipful woman in a white gown surrounded by lit candles, with Jessye Norman's soaring voice setting an elegiac tone.
A five-year travelling exhibition of over eighty examples of modern silverware, loaned from the collection of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, begins this month at the Harley Gallery, Welbeck, Nottinghamshire (+44 [0] 1909 501700).
Unfortunately, Venus Boyz writer-director Gabriel Baur's worshipful enthusiasm for her subjects results in a naive, overlong, and at times voyeuristic exploration that will appeal primarily to curious heterosexuals.
It's just that what we miss in "Heartbeat" is Goldin's own role in the story--the way her gossipy, worshipful, directorial eye created a milieu and let us discover that we were, or would like to have been, part of it.