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It was particularly difficult, he said, because he has been a Freemason for more than 20 years and was Worshipful Master of his lodge in 1980.
How low have our standards gotten, that we'll settle for functional, competitive children rather than moral and worshipful ones?
It took less than two years to transform our simple but worshipful little church building into a "family life center.
What it isn't is the standard Hollywood hagiography--although centering an entire movie on Kennedy's uncertain but finally successful deployment of American might has an inherently worshipful thrust.
He was inaugurated as Worshipful Master of the City of Westminster Lodge.
He describes Kennedy pounding on a hotel door in a fury to revise William Manchesters forthcoming book about President Kennedy's assassination--"not because of [Manchester's] worshipful approach to JFK, about which there could be no disagreement," writes Steel, "but because of the author's contemptuous treatment of Lyndon Johnson.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania will come together for a first ever common event.
His most recent collection of poems, Worshipful Company of Fletchers, published by the Ecco Press, won the National Book Award in 1994.
For the woods have always been our sacred groves: the quiet, worshipful places where mystery and wonder may still thrive in the shadows.
He is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Marketors.
Every year, The Worshipful Company of Glovers of London - which dates from the early 1300s - holds a glove design competition for students.