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The packed, well-to-do dinner audience in the National Press Club listened worshipfully as he explained that, "GOD is not a person but a process.
It may be true that, as Ware suggests, one cannot worshipfully love the abstract laws of the universe; it is possibly more true that one cannot envy them.
Here, they worshipfully rattled out the statistics that make him one of baseball's all-time greats.
Jack approaches her worshipfully, speaking with a quiet, compelling intensity about his newfound faith and the importance of family.
25) In the second, the relations are reversed and the speaker gazes, almost worshipfully, at Sappho.
Happily, one of the young women in Grady's course (Katie Holmes), who had earlier looked on her teacher worshipfully, finally gives him some sane advice -- both for his writing and his life -- "You've got to make choices.