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WORSHIP. The honor and homage rendered to the Creator.
     2. In the United States, this is free, every one being at liberty to worship God according to the dictates of his conscience. Vide Christianity; Religious test.

WORSHIP, Eng. law. A title or addition given to certain persons. 2 Inst. 666; Bac. Ab. Misnomer, A 2.

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In worshiping on earth, the faithful should look forward to entering the future "rest" (3:11), in the sanctuary above where they will share forever in the heavenly worship.
There are guides of 'reinvented' weddings and funerals, plus resources of those charged with ministering and worshiping in the varied conditions of the contemporary world.
So strong was their focus on this transformation that people began worshiping the elements well before the appropriate time; the bells at Mass during the Eucharistic Prayer were first introduced to let the people know when it was OK to worship the eucharistic Christ.
Seven Songs of Creation is not meant to make the Earth the theme of worship, but rather to forge a way of worshiping God and Jesus Christ that takes into account the wonder and miracle of all living things.
spiritual transport for the worshiping congregation," notes C.