worth imitating

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Living beneath the Colorado Peaks is an inspirational project focused on conservation and rustic architecture, well worth imitating or living vicariously through.
Monica worth imitating. When asked by other wives who were in trouble with their husbands-up to the point of being maltreated, here's Monica's advice: "If you can only control your tongue, your husbands will not beat you and they will reform."
All this visibility is good for a politician, and his populist approach is worth imitating if you are looking to get into politics.
The examples of Liaqat National Hospital and Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplant are worth imitating. But the Government cannot be dispensed with the responsibility of ensuring the provision of quality health services to the people.
Adding that Dubai Metro is an example worth imitating, which has played an important role in moving people and easing traffic he said: "We are very proud of Dubai Metro and it is one of the most prestigious achievements of the country.
The chief minister lauded bravery and courage of the police personnel and termed their dutifulness worth imitating. He announced provision of Rs 1 million to said police personnel as reward money.
So, good ideas are worth imitating, or as Eliot would have it, "stealing" But also giving credit where it is due.
In particular those who have an interest in studying religious diasporas will find many helpful things in Reimer's book that are worth imitating. Not the least of these is the way in which he uses sociological concepts and methods to translate the stuff of a faith into social science discourse.
But Frost offers many, many values worth imitating. One of them is clarity, and another is a very intense ambiguity.
Certainly, this kind of record gives no one reason to think that this approach is worth imitating.
The dull copyist will exist under any circumstances; we cannot eliminate him, but we can provide him with "pot-hooks" that are worth imitating. Though not our aim, still it will be a consolation to know that under the worst aspect we shall not be lowering the standard.