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One can read about the one-word road map to a worthier life by visiting aworthierlife.
As the good and the great call for Sir Philip (presently cruising the Med) to be stripped of his title, could I suggest that, to maintain the balance of honours, a posthumous Damehood be given to my mother for her far worthier services to retail?
That fact, he said, puts the onus on legitimate news agencies to correct these fallacies and rumors, taking much time and effort to do so, and steering attention from worthier news stories.
It kind of made the job worthier, opening our minds as it did to the way other people live, across age groups and social strata, ultimately contributing to ad people's ability to converse fluently in various commercial languages.
We make action plans to work with the students in every possible way and condition them for a worthier tomorrow.
Former Crucible semi-finalist Alan McManus, a close friend and a steady hand on McGill's shoulder, has tipped the former Junior Pot Black runnerup to take the trophy in Shef-field one day, and Ronnie O'Sullivan said there would be no worthier champion because of his dedication.
Birdman was clearly the best film, Eddie Redmayne and Julianne Moore were shoo-ins for Best Actor and Actress, I can't remember a worthier Best Supporting Actor winner than JK Simmons, while no one deserved Best Supporting Actress more than Patricia Arquette.
President al-Assad said in a statement published on the Republic Presidency on its Facebook page that our heroic soldiers, while on duty defending Homeland and fighting terrorism are worthier of each bullet fired in the air in expression of joy of any occasion and event.
Until then, we lived in a world in which we were made to believe that some people were worthier than others.
For me Phil Jagielka and Sylvain Distin were both magnificent and much worthier prize winners.
It is to be a lovely human being and to give the reigns of your heart to someone else and languish afterwards for a heart submerged in love is worthier than education and organization.
According to the power sector sources, power supply situation may be worthier worst for domestic consumers in coming few days with decrease in the mercury.