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There are much worthier candidates for most depressing day of the year.That day after Christmas when the final selection box has been scoffed.
ONE OF the worthier BBC Sports Personalities of the Year is weighing up a tough call.
However, after Saturday's savage conquest by Brandon Rios of Mike Alvarado in Denver, pundits tried to line up other names, like Lucas Mathisse, Ruslan Provodnikov, Mikey Garcia, as worthier challengers to Pacquiao.
Eve's infamous 80s character Eddie Shoestring would have made a far worthier adversary as everyone else seemed to be doing the work for him.
So selling agents Bruce & Partners did some research and discovered that the Latin inscription "Major opima feret" - let the worthier carry off the prize - which was carved next to an African face is the motto of the Moir family.
Most of the people here today are a lot braver and a lot worthier heroes than me and my contemporaries
But the Millennium Commission, chaired by Culture Secretary Chris Smith, agreed to give them still more public money that could have been spent on worthier causes.
If that means giving some of the worthier zones a revamp, so be it.
There have been no worthier winners of the Nobel Prize.
Worthier and more intellectual than the average rock festival, Womad is nevertheless a great forum for world music.
Ensuring the wheels of government are free to turn to complete vital projects is a worthy goal in and of itself, but including all Kenyans and making them heard and seen, is worthier still.
Imad Wasim and Shadab Khan added an invaluable 50-run partnership for the seventh wicket to bring them back on track, but what is even more worthier of mention is the lion-hearted effort by Wahab Riaz.