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If owner or related-party loans made for legitimate business purposes become worthless, they are treated no differently than debts to an unrelated party are.
Is it just another scam and the credits I hold are worthless, or is it something I should give serious consideration to?
But if your concerns are surviving electromagnetic pulse attacks and worthless money, then you want to go with diesel.
Ian Hughes, 33, from Cardiff, duped hundreds of British investors into buying worthless shares from the Spanish operation, a court has heard.
Arthur was defiant at first and said Worthless had "asked for it" after the rapper had branded him a "pop puppet".
Bilthouse contended that his S&E stock became worthless in 1997, resulting in a complete disposition of his interest in the stock per Sec.
Worthless, impossible, and stupid; how contrarian entrepreneurs create and capture extraordinary value.
20 ( ANI ): Rejecting Leader of Opposition Khaleda Zia's charge that the Bangladesh Election commission is worthless and spineless, Election Commissioner Zabed Ali said the commission's spine is 'strong enough'.
makes it abundantly clear its common stock is worthless.
Worthless born, worthless bred; worthless live, worthless dead .
The rocky, uninhabited group of islets in the East China Sea, called the Senkaku Islands by Japan and the Diaoyu Islands by China, are worthless in themselves, and even the ocean and seabed resources around them could not justify a war.