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Ensure that students and taxpayers are not left footing the bill for predatory and worthless degree programs.
"The solution to the region's problems, many of which are down to Saudi Arabia's sterile policy, is not to publish such worthless statements but to stop following the policies of the Zionist regime (Israel) which seeks to stoke divisions," the ISNA news agency quoted foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi as saying.
If owner or related-party loans made for legitimate business purposes become worthless, they are treated no differently than debts to an unrelated party are.
But if your concerns are surviving electromagnetic pulse attacks and worthless money, then you want to go with diesel.
A SALESMAN has been jailed for his part in a PS60m share scam in which he tricked clients into buying worthless shares over the telephone - with hardselling techniques similar to The Wolf of Wall Street.
The Teesside X Factor winner, pictured, says he will no longer leave personal posts on the social networking site after a string of spats with the likes of rapper MC Worthless, One Direction fans, comedian Matt Lucas and controversial comic Frankie Boyle.
The 25-year-old winner of X Factor 2012 sparked fury over the homophobic online rap about Mickey Worthless.
When an S corporation's stock becomes worthless, shareholders are treated as having disposed of their entire interest in the S corporation for passive activity loss purposes, allowing the shareholders to deduct suspended passive losses from the S corporation without regard to the passive activity loss rules.
Worthless, impossible, and stupid; how contrarian entrepreneurs create and capture extraordinary value.
Dhaka, Sept.20 ( ANI ): Rejecting Leader of Opposition Khaleda Zia's charge that the Bangladesh Election commission is worthless and spineless, Election Commissioner Zabed Ali said the commission's spine is 'strong enough'.
makes it abundantly clear its common stock is worthless.
* Worthless born, worthless bred; worthless live, worthless dead ...