worthless person

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Thus one person has often the custody of the prisoner's body, while another sees the sentence against him executed, as the eleven did at Athens: for which reason it is prudent to separate these offices, and to give great attention thereunto as equally necessary with anything we have already mentioned; for it will certainly happen that men of character will decline accepting this office, and worthless persons cannot properly be entrusted with it, as having themselves rather an occasion for a guard than being qualified to guard others.
As for what you've alluded to in my letter, be so good as to point out one word of falsehood, show, that is, that you didn't throw away your money, and that there are not worthless persons in that family, however unfortunate."
A truly wonderful brave man was killed by a worthless person trained by terrorist outfits to kill and be killed without knowing what he was doing and who he was targeting.
Taking a swipe at Shah for calling entire Opposition animals, the Congress chief said it was the mentality that there were only two or three people in this country "who are worth anything, who understand everything and everybody else is a worthless person".
And if it does work, what happens if you use it and, upon opening your lover's eyes, he or she falls in love with the ugliest, stupidest, laziest and most worthless person - are you ready to face the consequences?
It's an extreme feeling like all hopes in life are gone, and you are forced to believe that you are a worthless person who thinks and feels that life is no longer worth living, thus the drive to end life.
What if I really am a worthless person?" That's when you realise that the negativity really did make an impression inside your head.
The Collins English dictionary defines meff as i) a tramp, ii) a stupid or worthless person.
It can also mean a wretch, scoundrel or worthless person.
She says again and again that her ambition is to prove to the world that she is not "a worthless person".
Exaggerated, catastrophic, and negative appraisals may be described, such as "I am a totally worthless person now," "The world is a dangerous place," or "1 can't stop bad things from happening to me." Cognitive therapy entails a process of collaborative guided questioning to encourage clients to identify and replace their cognitive errors with more realistic and adaptive beliefs.