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Even today, with SpaceX having partially demonstrated the technology, some of the launch vehicle manufacturers are still not convinced that it would be worthwhile for them to invest their own resources into their upcoming vehicle designs.
8 out of 10 for feeling that what you do in life is worthwhile, 7.
I can personally assure anyone who supports this highly visible, worthwhile project that every pound will be spent for the purpose it is given and will be fully accounted for.
The ONS asked a group of more than 15,000 people to rate how satisfied they felt overall on a scale of 0 to 10 as well as asking them how worthwhile they felt their lives were.
He added: "We are also excited to be donating our chair to a very worthwhile cause - the Cancer Support Centre in Sutton Coldfield - who work to provide a place of sanctuary and support to all those affected by cancer.
All the hard work has been worthwhile, but let me say I am ever so sorry you haven't made the grand final this year.
Information on predictors of patients' perceptions of the smallest worthwhile effect of intervention is scarce.
She added: "It will also demonstrate that serving the community is a really worthwhile career.
Coun Huxtable, who decides whether it is worthwhile for councillors and officials to visit foreign destinations, was speaking yesterday as it emerged that the trips included:
When you hear a statement like, "Well, that was worthwhile," the meaning is all in the emphasis.
90 or 95%) as well as the degree of overlap between confidence limits and the smallest worthwhile effect.
1), Rosemary Ruether notes: "As anti-immigrant leaders today fume that 'we are being invaded' by Mexicans, it is worthwhile remembering who invaded whom.