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To learn more or to GIVE toward Worthwhile Wear's restorative programs, visit www.
I met my girlfriend in the States and managed to persuade her to come back to Britain with me, so it was definitely a worthwhile trip," said Rhonddaborn Jones, who now lives in London.
It was a very worthwhile event and extremely positive visit.
But she said: "I really hope that the people of North Wales will come along and have a fantastic evening of entertainment and support this worthwhile cause.
oe=UTF-8&cx=009600113782670949425%3Ahccycyvwf4i&cof=FORID%3A9&ie=UTF-8&q=Northern+Ireland) Northern Ireland rated their life satisfaction, worthwhile and happiness as high as (9 or 10 out of 10), higher than in any other country.
The participants also rated having a worthwhile career as more important to a good life than having a successful one.
Now the trustees want to move forward and create a worthwhile memorial - a thorough, independent study of the history and archaeology, alongside performances of Welsh drama, poetry and music and exhibitions of arts and crafts.
Martin Hird, GMB national organiser, said: "The real impact of these changes is that work will not be worthwhile for many of the lowest paid in our society and they will be forced on to the dole - costing us all billions.
Is it doing something interesting or worthwhile or different?
But, as Clark Griswold told us, nothing worthwhile ever is.
All the hard work has been worthwhile, but let me say I am ever so sorry you haven't made the grand final this year.
Recently, the concept of the smallest effect that makes an intervention worthwhile involving the opinions of recipients of care on the magnitude of an intervention effect that justifies its costs, risks, and inconvenience has been advocated (Barrett 2005, Barrett 2007, Ferreira 2009).