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* Healthier lifestyles Study participants with higher worthwhile ratings were more likely to engage in regular moderate or vigorous physical activity at least weekly, reported better sleep, and were less likely to smoke.
THE PROPORTION OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE: Very high life satisfaction levels Very high levels of feeling what they do is worthwhile Very high happiness levels Very low anxiety levels
"Scotland Excel has a strong track record of raising money for worthwhile causes and we're proud to be taking part in this event.
Migrants from the DR Congo were the least satisfied and felt the least worthwhile
The French and the Russians did, at one time, work together in an attempt to make the Ariane 5 reusable, but the hardware that would be needed to support the return of the vehicle became too large to make the effort worthwhile.
For feeling life is worthwhile, again Mid and East Antrim gave the highest rating at 8.6 out of 10, while the lowest was in Gravesham at 7.3.
It is a worthwhile movie, but not for any of the reasons that were shouted back and forth on social media and TV this week.
People in Wolverhampton are also among the least likely to say their life is worthwhile, giving an average score of 7.42 out of 10.
People were asked how satisfied they were with their lives, how far their activities were worthwhile, how happy they felt the day before surveyed and how anxious they felt the previous day.
But she said: "I really hope that the people of North Wales will come along and have a fantastic evening of entertainment and support this worthwhile cause." ?
As part of the study men and women were asked to imagine themselves as being 85 and near the end, and to rank the 30 things they regarded as important for a good, worthwhile life.