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Two things are of interest here: The first is that any group of academics and their calling may be in danger of being downgraded or of extinction at any time depending on the mood and perception of worthwhileness or relevance by the dominant interests in society.
Grainger's expressed belief in music's universality and healing power contradicts the rampant nationalism he at times espoused: "The worthwhileness of all races & all cultures is proved by all the world's music" (p.
They affirm the meaningfulness and worthwhileness of life, especially in the face of death, disaster, or whatever makes the religious problem more acute.
Here, where matters of food, shelter, rest, and new horizons are all important, they begin to question the worthwhileness of their old objectives.
or, "Can we understand and affirm such a demand for worthwhileness without affirming an intelligent, rational, responsible source and ground for them?
8) An insistence on evaluation of any part of law in terms of its effects, and an insistence on the worthwhileness of trying to find these effects.
One important reason why courage is always a good quality of character to have, even if it can lead one into danger and in some cases cause injury, is that part of the virtue of courage is the ability to judge the worthwhileness of the ends (given the risks), to judge the propriety of the possible manners and methods of attining those ends, and so on.
This too is likely to be slow to catch on, because of materials shortages as well as scepticism among the population as to the economic worthwhileness of this kind of self-help.
Thus, the economic worthwhileness to the firm, of granting pension inducements for early retirement, may largely depend on whether the [NPV.
The real worth of companies is measured in character, in citizenship, in worthwhileness of products, in the way they treat people, in the way they respect our non-human fellow occupants of the planet, in the way they take responsibility for their products and byproducts.
Whether it's a novel, a work of art, a person or whatever, we all have something that possesses a totemic significance, an epochal quality and says to you that once and for all and beyond all doubt there is such a thing as worthwhileness in this world.
We will never know the value and worthwhileness of our prayers.