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The committee also said it found Lascanas' affidavit and testimony to be self-serving, not worthy of belief and bereft of credibility.
The trial judge is clearly entitled to consider prior inconsistencies, prevarications and outright lies in determining whether, and to what extent, a witness is worthy of belief," said Michael Plaxton, an associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan's College of Law.
A half-way good God is not worthy of belief, not worthy of your time.
More than 1,500 visions of Mary have been reported around the world, but in the past century only nine cases have received church approval as worthy of belief.
Raymond Laverty, from support group Families Against Supergrass Trials, said: "It is regrettable that the use of uncorroborated, unsupportive supergrasses is re-emerging in this jurisdiction when one considers that throughout such show trials in the past the evidence provided by the supergrass has been demonstrated to be unreliable, dishonest, contaminated, collusive and not worthy of belief.
And if that belief is true, then it is not only worthy of belief but compels practice of that belief, as well as its study and its defense.
On the other hand, a confrontation with supernatural evil suggests that God too is worthy of belief.
However, when focusing on Aristotle's insistence that an orator should appear worthy of belief by being judged to possess goodwill towards his hearers, Cicero construed this as "winning favor to color the perceptions of the auditors, thus identifying winning goodwill with emotional appeal" (pp.
So, he came upon a heuristic for deciding which of his ideas are worthy of belief.
Justice Department lawyers argue that the professors were "hired" experts, not worthy of belief.
About Dick Moore," the editor remarked "we have but little to say, as any statement that he may make is not worthy of belief.
He's not worthy of belief," Messerman said of Finn in his closing argument.