worthy of contempt

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Others simply found running after a ball an odd way to behave and worthy of contempt.
Parliament members who infiltrate into the Temple Mount are worthy of contempt," he told a parliament panel, adding that the move "triggers incitement that will lead to the murder of innocents.
If there was ever any doubt that Israeli soldiers view the blood of Palestinians as worthy of contempt, then look no further than the actions of a patrol in Hebron that shot a 20-year-old Palestinian man.
NOTHING makes politicians more worthy of contempt than their cowardice in taking big decisions.
Clark explains how Haydn's early acquaintance with comic actor Joseph Felix von Kurz, made famous for his characterizations of the fool Bernardon, heavily influenced his characterization of the apothecary as a stereotypical Jew, worthy of contempt and derision.
Even the characterization as "bums" is suggestive, he noted, as it leads some to see the homeless not as people to be helped but only as those worthy of contempt.
Notwithstanding the brutal history of every country on earth, the sins of the United States stand alone as worthy of contempt.
If you recognize that you have, from time to time, perceived those who harm others as worthy of contempt, perhaps you can also acknowledge that such people do not deserve the language that allows them the pretense of social acceptability.
After all, who is more worthy of contempt, the man who pays for sex, or the typical Saturday night, or holiday romeo, who promises undying love to get a girl into bed, then causes her heartbreak when he disappears?
To be old is to be boring, useless, repulsive, worthy of contempt.
Jordan has been at Celtic and Manchester United in his time and knows all about the strain involved in dealing with worldwide popularity, but he refuses to believe the team at Old Trafford has been turned into a marketing monster worthy of contempt from other clubs' supporters.