worthy of notice

References in classic literature ?
These are the principal parts and most worthy of notice in Hippodamus's plan.
And as this point is worthy of notice, and to be imitated by others, I am not willing to leave it out.
It is a fact worthy of notice that, while this malady made such ravages among the natives, not a single white man had the slightest symptom of it.
The next date worthy of notice is Sunday the fourth of June.
it's worthy of notice, as a proof of the amazing equalness and dignity of our law, that it don't make no distinction between men and women.
As he passed, this person exchanged a cold and distant salutation with Baglioni, but fixed his eyes upon Giovanni with an intentness that seemed to bring out whatever was within him worthy of notice.
But the progress made by the Chinese people in the present and the estimated socio-economic projections for the future are worthy of notice.
According to Nancy Board, coauthor of this issue's cover story, it doesn't matter whether you operate in an internal or external EAP, your expertise in providing solutions for difficult workplace problems is worthy of notice to HR and other senior officials for their expats and other business travelers.
It's worthy of notice that Hutchisson's biography draws at times upon the first two volumes of the Hemingway Letters Project.
Amongst the contributors, some are particularly worthy of notice, such as well-known German artist Gerhard Seyfried, whose emblematic representation of a black-clad, hatted and grinning anarchist holding an old-fashioned bomb has almost become the equivalent of a logo for the movement.
He is new to Jeddah and his victory is worthy of notice.
This book demonstrates that with her intense and original voice and arresting paintings, Frieda Hughes' work is worthy of notice and celebration in her own right.