worthy of praise

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Miss Temple is full of goodness; it pains her to be severe to any one, even the worst in the school: she sees my errors, and tells me of them gently; and, if I do anything worthy of praise, she gives me my meed liberally.
Furthermore, he also remarked that other initiatives promoted by the ex President of the United States, Barack Obama, should not be forgotten, including collective action worthy of praise.
Dubai's model of growth is worthy of praise and emulation.
Your endeavours are brilliant and are worthy of praise and are certainly laudable," Dr S.
Interior Design Magazine found the new Continental's styling similarly worthy of praise, awarding it the category of 'Automotive Overall Design' in its prestigious 'Best of the Year' awards.
The delight right now is that all these three are youngsters with tremendous potential ,wholesome shot making skills and temperaments worthy of praise and dependability.
If pork is the reason behind the Commission on Appointments' rejection of Judy Taguiwalo, she is worthy of praise.
BLACKBURN boss Owen Coyle felt his whole team were worthy of praise for an "important three points".
Moreover, the Arab League Council confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also uses through history all its capabilities and potential for the expansion of the Two Holy Mosques and the establishment of numerous development projects in the holy sites so pilgrims can perform their hajj and Umrah rituals easily and smoothly, a matter is worthy of praise, appreciation and gratitude, not slander and discredit.
1570; آ آ Steinmeier said in a statement that Saudi Arabia played a role worthy of praise to persuade the Syrian opposition to participate in the Geneva talks, which is a signal to encourage a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.
Not to be flippant about murder, but it was a jolly good show, a real period drama worthy of praise.
And yet, like so many ordinary people who do extraordinary things, neither believes they are worthy of praise.