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We mentioned before about the fact we have some loan players here so, if at all possible, you would not mind having more permanent people at the football club because loans are there for a reason and I have been delighted that we were able to get some to Turn to Page 51
I would not mind continuing to play in England and particularly in the Premier League.
The surveyors claim that consumers would not mind paying 97 per cent of the purchase price of a traditional newspaper for online business content, provided there are no free online products of equal quality on the market.
Yet despite taking on the responsibility, many women (68 per cent) would not mind if their partner or husband went ahead and made financial decisions without them.
While Callander's economy has been geared around sport fishing and the cottage crowd, Brazeau would not mind diversifying by adding some light industrial and commercial development, providing it fits the town's "keep-it-green" strategy.
com has found that, according to a recent survey it carried out among its users, 87% of Londoners said that they would not mind a second hand gift if it was something they wanted.

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