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An Assembly insider said: "It is offensive that this would-be Plaid councillor made sick jokes about a tragedy in which a woman was murdered and two others shot, particularly when a manhunt was still going on.
One of them was a would-be suicide attacker and the three others provided him the suicide vest and the vehicle.
The would-be bombers were wearing vests laden with explosives.
The decision to stage a deselection vote has caused tensions with the national party because Ms Truss is on leader David Cameron's "A List" of would-be candidates, designed to increase the proportion of female and ethnic minority Tory MPs.
Swanston states that, unlike many of the current would-be African-centered historians, Clarke willingly conceded that both he and his long-time friend, noted Ethiopian-born Egyptologist Yosef ben-Jochanan "were not the pioneers in this field [of African world history].
5 percent of the would-be candidates say top priority should be placed on social welfare reform, including the pension and medical systems.
Later I was to read in the words of Pope John Paul II (in the context of his pilgrimage to Fatima where his would-be assassin's bullet is now embedded in our Lady's crown), "There is no such thing as a coincidence in the Providence of God.
Liebling, who spent a lifetime lamenting each newspaper death and celebrating each newspaper birth, his would-be descendants have mostly heaped derision on the first newspaper boom of their lifetimes.
The Curse of Success I have been scribbling stories, poems, plays and would-be novels since I first learned penmanship.
When would-be students ask for advice on courses, they invariably choose ACCA as the safe option.
Concussion, hospital time, and a thrilling show for all the would-be Kasperholics.
Childless straight people likely have similar feelings, but they have to suffer the indignity of would-be grandparents and others invading a very personal and private aspect of their lives--namely, the question of reproduction.
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