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Right: Dobby Weave Small decorative motifs woven into the pattern.
A key challenge in the predictions of the woven behavior is the modeling of the mechanical behavior of a single ply.
The potential characteristics of 3D woven fabrics have led to aerospace structures, automotive, marine and many more applications.
Mobile Home does this most efficiently by piling grid on grid--from the clotheslines to the woven pot holders, the embroidered dish towels to the little wire cage hanging next to them on the clothesline, that inspired her sculpture Isolette, 1999.
There is something emotive in handling fibres or yarn and then creating a visual outcome in colour, structure and texture in a woven cloth.
Because the copolymer outside melts at a lower temperature (266 F) than the homopolymer core (356 F), PURE allows an all-PP woven composite to be formed directly into parts by using heat and pressure to fuse the outer layers without losing the orientation in the core.
Navaho beliefs, traditions, and rituals are woven throughout the story line, and readers, as well as Crystal, gain an appreciation for the traditional ways of her people.
Italian patrons generally preferred tapestries woven in Brussels; Francis I favored Italian designs.
In addition to the visual exhibits, the tales behind all things woven are being told during two story-telling sessions later this month.
Capel has been getting a strong reaction to its Woven Spirits collection, a Navajo-themed line that includes authentic rugs hand-woven by Navajo weavers in Santa Fe, N.
Traditional weaving lessons focus on the warp and the weft, and the patterns and textures produced when threads and fabrics are woven together.
The EuroVeil shadecloth is a thinner, lighter, technologically advanced woven FR vinyl developed to satisfy the highest technical and aesthetic standards.