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Having been introduced to the unlicensed game by Londoner Joey Pyle Snr 12 years ago, nobody would have thought that Wraith would make the considerable move into mainstream professional boxing and management as well.
Mr Wraith, pictured below, fell foul of the football authorities over his signing of youngster Luke Lloyd, 17, who is on the books of Carlisle United.
Since the launch of Wraith in 2013, customers have been able to commission their Rolls-Royce Wraith with Bespoke Audio, the most exhaustively designed sound system in automotive history.
Wraith Black Badge and Ghost Black Badge will be on familiar turf, with Goodwood House in sight of the Home of Rolls-Royce.
A permanent new sub-brand, Black Badge was unveiled earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show and transforms the character of both the Ghost and Wraith.
The initiative was unveiled recently at the Geneva Motor Show and its primary aims are to provide a new character to both the Ghost and Wraith models.
Auto Business News-April 14, 2016--Rolls-Royce reveals Nautical Wraith
AMD, today launched new thermal solutions, including the flagship AMD Wraith Cooler, as well as the new AMD A10-7860K and new AMD Athlon X4 845 desktop processors.
1 Worth the Wraith: The 1951 Rolls-Royce Wraith, which appeared in Spectre, is a new addition to the exhibition.
If by some fluke chance you should catch a glimpse of a Rolls Royce Wraith accidentally shot in the background while TIE Fighters are firing on BB8, Rey and Finn (or whatever their names are), that would be me.
But, increasingly our cars -- particularly our less formal models Ghost and Wraith -- are bought by entrepreneurs and captains of industry.