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She broke down in tears as she said: "The court wrangle has been such an ordeal as I have had to think about what the bailiffs could take away.
There has been a wrangle about the revelation of Cabinet discussions and exchanges between Mr Blair and President Bush.
His agreement will mean he and his local Labour party will not get bogged down in a legal wrangle in the run-up to the general election.
ONCE again we read about bangle wrangle Sarika Singh and now how the mother feels let down by Aberdare Girls' School for not getting an apology.
MIDDLESBROUGH chief executive Keith Lamb has revealed that Stewart Downing's contract wrangle could be resolved within six weeks.
But the Mean Girls star failed to show after a contract wrangle with producers of the movie - written by Keira's mum, Scots playwright Sharman Macdonald.
A long-term patient of the Penetanguishene Mental Health Centre, Christian Herbert Harold Magee brought the Centre into a legal wrangle with the Ontario Review Board.
A distinct part of the pain of reading Bellow for me is seeing how his novels wrangle with and reject the idea that educating women could improve their minds.
The owner, British Telecom, is locked in a wrangle over a lease with a former tenant, preventing it being sold or let but after action by Alnwick mayor, Gordon Castle, BT has said it will disposed of as soon as the legal wrangle is over, either for occupancy, renovation or demolition.
With the help of her best friend, Ella, she must also somehow wrangle tickets to the final concert bash in New York for everyone's favorite band, Siddhartha.
Tosh appears to be trying to wrangle his silky, golden locks into some sort of modern Rasta affair.
Get this woman out of there: Distraught pensioner Mrs Joan Richardson is caught in the middle of a wrangle over the sale of her home.