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Don't set yourself to wrangle with me, husband," said Teresa; "I speak as God pleases, and don't deal in out-of-the-way phrases; and I say if you are bent upon having a government, take your son Sancho with you, and teach him from this time on how to hold a government; for sons ought to inherit and learn the trades of their fathers.
Governor Mwangi wa Iria has told Murang'a MCAs to focus their energies on delivering services to residents instead of engaging in wrangles.
Craig Wrangles resigned from his job at Cowley International College, in St Helens, after the relationship was unmasked by another pupil.
For a stylish take on the massage chair, try the iJoy ($700), a recliner that wrangles A all the kneadability of a standard massage chair into something resembling .
Sammler's Planet) that attempts to fill itself to the bursting with human thought and emotion and physical life: "It was the turn again of certain minor things which people insisted on enlarging, magnifying, moving into the center: relationships, interior decorations, family wrangles, Minoz photographs of thieves on buses, arms of Puerto Rican ladies on the Bronx Express, odi-et-amo need--and-rejection, emotional self-examinations, erotic businesses in Acapulco, fellatio with friendly strangers.
Returning to Zagreb after Marshall Tito's seizure of power, Sulich trains at the National Theatre, wrangles a scholarship and visa for the United Kingdom, trains at the Audrey de Voss School, and joins a touring troupe organized by John Cranko.
Your basic hairy-chested guy who wrangles rattlers may find himself out-machoed by a half-pound of cute, wiggly-nosed fluff.