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To it, SQLstream Blaze brings the industry-leading power of true SQL-standard streaming analytics, the amazing productivity of real-time data wrangling, the highest performance available of any streaming analytics platform, and now integrated machine learning capabilities," said Damian Black, CEO and co-Founder of SQLstream.
Only three people submitted nomination forms for election onto Northop Hall Community Council after claims and counter claims of bitter wrangling at meetings.
Legal wrangling over how to clean up the phosphorus-polluted Florida waterway, and who's going to pay for it, has dragged on for 15 years.
Her use of a dance metaphor to describe one's commitment to the biblical text encourages this concept of wrangling with the text.
The court will likely decide the case this fall, but it probably won't end the legal wrangling over the library.
Spain's Banco Santander Central Hispano (BSCH) snatched the crown jewel of Brazil's privatization program, Banco del Estado de Sao Paulo (Banespa) after years of legal wrangling and massive protests that repeatedly delayed the auction.
Reconstruction work at the temple, already delayed because of wrangling between the Lumbini trust and the Japan Buddhist Federation, a backer of the project, had been scheduled to start May 18.
Far too much effort is expended in tax court wrangling over what is and what isn't allowable.
Further legal wrangling will determine whether the plaintiffs or the Cort Trust will pay for restoration or removal to another location.
10 Kyodo President Kim Dae Jung and opposition leader Lee Hoi Chang agreed Tuesday to refrain from political wrangling in an effort to overcome the economic crisis facing the nation, a presidential spokesman said.
Also, by this time I understood that the burden of living as a citizen in a massive civil society included the responsibility of wrangling for one's pleasures, lest they dissolve into the smooth surface of rational administration.
However, Francesco Galassi, an economist at Nipissing University College in North Bay, argues that the solution proposed by Cooper and Schwartzel would lead to lengthy political and legal wrangling between the province and consumer goods manufacturers.