wrap around

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By highlighting healthcare solutions as community-tethered, The Wrap Around Services Model also challenges deficit perspectives often associated with high-minority and low-income people and neighborhoods.
A new 4000sqm exhibition hall will wrap around the perimeter of the old building, while other museum functions such as the library, lecture hall, cafe, administration, and artist workshops will be contained inside the original structure.
In addition, this property boasts over 125 feet of wrap around frontage making this location one of the most dominant and visible spaces on Fifth Avenue.
At question is how the drug benefit would be structured, whether companies could "wrap around" coverage as is currently allowable and whether company dollars would count towards any co-pay or deductible offered by Medicare.
Unlike traditional stretch-wrappers, which wrap around a vertical axis, this model wraps around a horizontal axis.
Unlike a network of flexible polymers, which might wrap around any added silica, this structure was disrupted by the particles.
[UKPRwire, Fri Sep 28 2018] Corrugated Wrap around Market: Introduction Corrugated wrap around are suitable for automatic production lines, they are also known as wraps.