wrap around

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By highlighting healthcare solutions as community-tethered, The Wrap Around Services Model also challenges deficit perspectives often associated with high-minority and low-income people and neighborhoods.
In addition, this property boasts over 125 feet of wrap around frontage making this location one of the most dominant and visible spaces on Fifth Avenue.
Unlike traditional stretch-wrappers, which wrap around a vertical axis, this model wraps around a horizontal axis.
The attraction would be the way they feel, the colors they come in, the way they wrap around and hold onto your arm,'' said Johnson, 34, of Los Angeles.
Scientists have long tried to determine whether Mars has its own internal magnetic field or if the solar wind's magnetic field lines simply wrap around the planet.
Baumer has 35 years of manufacturing complete line Shrinkwrappers, Wrap Around cartonners, and Combined lines that include the two above-mentioned technologies.
Yo-Yo Balls are dangerous because the stretchy rubber string can wrap around a child's neck and is difficult to untangle.