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The city's eight wraparound coordinators and the zone manager, Mr.
Inspired by Karl Dennis's "Kaleidoscope" program in Chicago, wraparound began in 1985 with the Alaska Youth Initiative, a collaborative effort of social, mental health, and education services that successfully returned youths with complex needs from out-of-state institutions to their communities.
Wraparound Milwaukee was recognized at the Innovations in American Government Awards ceremony.
A total of 45 children were enrolled in the Georgia wraparound system of care demonstration study between October 2001 and May 2004.
Wraparound began in the late 1960s and early 1970s with John Brown and his colleagues at the Brownsdale programs in Canada.
A number of recent studies have begun to examine how the wraparound approach is adhered to during family planning meetings in community-based settings.
It features a wraparound curved screen with a 150-degree horizontal field of view and surround sound.
They are fluid-resistant, wraparound, and fiberglass-free and come with either ties or ear loops.
Goldstein also recommends varying the delivery package throughout the FFT: perhaps use a wraparound one time, then an envelope, then a different colored envelope.
This result gives the researchers confidence that their method may offer an alternative to the wraparound scanner.
The passive infrared DS16O has a selectable relay trigger that is adjustable to 64 seconds, selectable fail-safe or fail-secure modes for power interruption, and a wraparound coverage pattern for precise pattern control.
The wraparound downdraft table allows for staging of components and prevents the escape of media and dust, returning both directly to the reclamation system.