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In Joseph's lyric, Kathleen stands in for all of us, as we experience love variously 'turning the world' or 'wringing the heart of its blood'."
So as thousands of rounds are fired in "wringing out" a barrel, it changes interior dimensions, which in turn negates all the work just put into the process.
Of course, such hand wringing is often an inviting target.
After much soul searching and hand wringing over ho would be honored as the 2006 Skater of the Year, we had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.
Not only was there an enormous demographic shift from rural to urban following the Second World War, but the search for productivity led to the disappearance of customary coping strategies--Rosanvallon speaks, for example, of the "wringing out" of all kinds of less productive jobs that provided a modicum of security (how many can still remember the poinc, onneuse in the metro?).
As ordinary citizens wring their hands over global warming from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, scientists are wringing new chemical insights from the usually gaseous compound.
For example, if your friend is telling you she's OK about flunking her history exam but is wringing her hands, it's a sign that she really might be bugged.
Wringing wipers by hand is a simple, economical means of preventing significant amounts of solvent from the environment but, unfortunately, it was not specified as a requirement in EPA's proposed rule.
And while many who follow automotive telematics are wringing their hands over the low percentage of customers who choose to pay for telematics once their free subscription has ended, Magney thinks the industry could eliminate subscription fees altogether and still construct a viable profit model for installing telematics: "Long term, the best opportunity in telematics for OEMs is cost avoidance.
It's progress that the world has denounced the genocide without waiting the customary 10 years before wringing its hands in regret.
Concerned citizens have listened to these portrayals and are collectively wringing their hands over the issue and one can hear the cries--"we must do something about this!"
The Easy Squeeze mop features a double-hinge system for even wringing and includes an integrated wringer that allows users to wring it without bending over.