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WATCH, police. To watch is, properly speaking, to stand sentry and attend guard during the night time: certain officers called watchmen are appointed in most of the United States, whose duty it is to arrest all persons who are violating the law, or breaking the peace. (q.v.) Vide 1 Bl. Com. 356; 1 Chit. Cr. Law, 14, 20.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A survey was conducted among 60 respondents to find out the most relevant brands in the wrist watch category.
There are many reasons why there are very few 'full' glass wrist watches brought to the market and those that have appeared being in the super exclusive price range of [pounds sterling]44,870 up to a heady [pounds sterling]1.4+ million per watch.
" What is preventing the government from providing me pictures of the wrist watch if it is placed in the Cabinet Hall?
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-7 April 2003-NTT DoCoMo reveals wrist watch phone(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
And I hear in Disneyland that Mickey Mouse wears a David Beckham wrist watch! - Colin Fraser, Inverness.
Thirty-four pages of wrist watch display ads may turn off the newsletter marketer, but Lewis's book is big enough (412 pages, 8 1/2 x 11") and thorough enough (27 chapters covering every aspect of copywriting) to make it a worthwhile purchase.
Police said he also wore two gold rings on the fingers of his right hand and a small-faced silver and gold wrist watch.
They also snatched a huge of money and a wrist watch from the policemen.
According to details, the gift items include Rolex wrist watch (Rs4, 850, 000), gold pen with gems (Rs950, 000), gold pair of cufflinks (Rs135, 000), tasbeeh (prayer beads) with gems and gold chain (Rs205, 000) and a gold ring (Rs210, 000).
Ariba, a resident of Race Course, lodged a complaint with the local police that she was going to the market for shopping when two motorcyclists waylaid her at gunpoint and deprived Rs70,000 in cash, a wrist watch, a cell phone, documents, an ATM card and other valuables.
One of the items stolen was a men's gold coloured 1940s Bulova wrist watch with metal strap.
As an infection prevention and control link representative in my work area, a gold hand hygiene auditor and a member of the Infection Prevention & Control College NZNO, I find it disturbing that an expert registered nurse, working in the intensive care unit, is wearing a wrist watch while undertaking patient care.