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The sensory Love Notes come in a pack with four heart-shaped stickers to match the space on Rice Krispies Treats writable wrappers.
The newly refitted office space now plays host to an array of hi-tech innovations ranging from a virtual receptionist and digital spaces to writable walls and a cafe with perpetual social media feeds for employees to remain connected via smartphones and devices.
A fresh palette of plywood, writable concrete and glass were all specified for dedicated uses and distinct purposes.
As part of the project, JPA also performed strategic improvements to conference and meeting space, installing state-of-the-art teleconferencing capabilities and writable walls designed for collaboration.
Only Unidesk offers full-stack layering technology, which enhances compatibility by layering the entire Windows workspace as modular virtual disks, including the Windows operating system itself (OS layer), apps (app layers), and a writable persistent layer that captures all user settings, apps, and data.
Write-On Paint is clear so it can be used over any painted surface for a customized writable wall.
All Diamond-Cote and Diamond-Cote SP solutions are ballpoint pen writable.
The patch panels come with holders for writable paper labels and all connections are consecutively numbered.
The book contains many useful forms with examples, as well as a CD-ROM with all the relevant information and writable electronic forms, allowing quick search, entering of the relevant information and printing of needed material.
Having writable surfaces is great for collaboration, but many workers are accustomed to working with electronics, and that equipment needs special protection from dust and static electricity.
When a user visits the site, a pop up dialog box appears saying: "HI ADMIN TECH NEWS...NOT WRITABLE? LOL." Then, once a user clicks the word "ok," another dialogue box will appear greeting someone by the name "Mi ho hoi."
The range includes standard, black, transparent, matte and writable matte paper labels, index tab and flag or wrap cable labels, a variety of colours such as fluorescent and pastel, and two adhesive strengths.