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In the end, happenstance in Ramsey's lab created more than just writable waterproof paper.
The card is currently a read-only design, but NTT is working on a writable version.
Designed in response to "WikiLeaks" and similar data breach incidents and the processes that were implemented afterwards, EventTracker DriveShield protects important information by monitoring users with access to sensitive data - while alerting, preventing and reporting improper transfers to writable media.
There was supposed to be a writable version, too, but the primary business model was to replicate and distribute prerecorded music.
Disk drives from 61 manufacturers are covered in the report, including CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives, CD/DVD writable drives, other read/write optical disc drive formats, rigid disk cartridge drives, card format rigid disk drives, high-capacity floppy drives, and low-capacity standard floppy drives.
InfiniView technology includes transparent, continuous data capture and the ability to present one or more "views" as readable, writable, recoverable snapshots to any selected previous point in time.
Even more significant, low cost tape drives are being replaced by alternative technologies, most significantly writable compact disks.