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If you can't decide which of three words you like, write them all down without taking time to decide which one fits best.
To write a letter is to be alone with my thoughts in the conjured presence of another person.
While stressing that personality type does not explain all the reasons that cause people to write the way they do, the author suggests that understanding individual writing personalities and the various WriteTypes in an agency can improve overall writing quality and, perhaps, even enhance interaction among workers.
performed poorly only when asked to write homonym verb forms, the researchers observe.
Often times, students will write that one of the most valuable lessons they learn in the course is to trust themselves to make decisions as writers.
If I don't write over a period of time, I start to get uncomfortable.
A traditional issue with tape technology has been that systems supply data at variable rates while tape drives write at a fixed rate.
The reason, Martin writes, is that "the model of the book was so strong that the intention of both the editors and readers of such periodicals that they would be gathered together and bound as permanent volumes.
If you can't think of anything, just write again and again, "I can't think of anything, I can't think of anything" until something occurs to you.
The first direct work I did on the body/language relationship happened because Parkett magazine asked me to write about bodybuilding, and I found out that I was blocking.
In order to write complex and sophisticated prose, ESL students (and some native writers) lack what Brammer (2002) refers to as "linguistic cultural capital, [the ability] to recognize and to utilize the necessary written codes for academic success" (p.