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Battery backup is available to protect any data in the write-back cache from sudden power interruptions.
A disk operating with write-back cache can sustain data transfers more than 7 times faster than a disk using write-through cache.
As to be expected, the write-back cache mode had the biggest impact on the more data-intensive benchmarks, while the computation-intensive benchmarks had minimal difference between cache modes," said Markus Levy, EEMBC president.
Our controllers, for example, support active/active failover for increased resiliency and performance, as well as a mirrored write-back cache architecture which ensures data integrity in the event of a controller failure.
Intel Pentium(R) processors and ATX support chipsets provide raw computational horsepower, complemented with 512KB L2 write-back cache and support for up to 256MB of SDRAM.
The Gladiator 2550 supports RAID Levels 0, 1, 0+1 and 5, features write-through and write-back cache to optimize performance, uses hot-swappable drives and redundant power supplies for reduced down-time, and includes cache memory battery backup for maximum data protection.
The system features dual-active UltraSCSI RAID controllers with Intel processors and mirrored write-back cache for optimal performance.
The system design includes active load sharing, "hot standby" or "hot swap," and up to 512 MB of battery backed, configurable write-through and write-back cache.
EL Configuration includes PowerEdge EL base system, a single 120MHz Intel Pentium processor, 256Kb write-back cache, 32 megabytes of RAM, 1.
The new systems are based on the PCI and ISA I/O buses and feature a 100 MHz or 133MHz PowerPC 604 Processor, up to 256MB of ECC Memory, up to 512KB of write-back cache, and integrated fast and wide SCSI2 bus.