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banks have written down about $510 billion in assets with further write-downs of $550 billion expected over the next two years.
This aspect of the problem is reflected in the write-down process itself.
5bn in write-downs on US collateralised debt obligations and subprime mortgage-related securities.
But RBS said it was able to offset pounds 250 million of the write-downs by using its own cash reserves instead of increasingly expensive wholesale credit markets.
s Stan O'Neal, after the broker house took a massive loss in the July-September quarter, hit by huge write-downs on collateralized debt obligations and subprime mortgages.
Accordingly, our evidence is consistent with the market responding positively to voluntary write-downs taken by firms that appear to be "cleaning the slate.
The 1997 and 1998 write-downs together have reduced the value of the Magma purchase by about two-thirds.
Using these concepts, I developed several related worksheets to convert owners' salaries and interest on capital to economic equivalents and to gross up revenue and show write-downs as controllable expenses.
40) Further, write-downs based on the subnormal goods exception must be proven by actually offering the goods for sale at the price to which they are written down during a period ending not later than 30 days after the inventory date.
Nordic community builder Peab AB (STO:PEABB) said today that in connection with a review of its project portfolio in preparation for its half-year report three major project write-downs are considered necessary.
In the fourth quarter of 2010, IGE booked a SEK368m write-down on the value of its project portfolio.