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A write-off is an accidentdamaged vehicle that an insurer determines is either beyond repair to expensive to fix.
The protocol assumes a one-time write-off of the Kyrgyz Republic's outstanding debt to Russia in full in the framework of official development assistance to Kyrgyzstan.
Essentially, since LGR we haven't conducted a formal write-off for the last three years," said Mr Mason.
A keyword search for "goodwill impairment" on Lexis-Nexis newswires found that 214 individual companies--excluding banks and insurance companies--announced goodwill write-offs in 2002.
Technique 2: Compare beginning allowance for doubtful accounts (BADA) to write-offs (WO).
Cover firms put damaged write-off vehicles into four categories, and most will fall into category C or D, meaning the insurance company felt it uneconomical to repair.
HPI director Daniel Burgess, says: "Unscrupulous private sellers will sell a write-off to make a quick profit.
HPI says that eight% of the vehicles it checks are recorded as a category A or B write-off and should have been crushed.
Suominen's goodwill after the write-off amounts to 26 million [euro].
107-314) required GAO to review and report on DOD's use of this write-off authority.
Real estate located in the Wall Street area will be subject to more generous write-offs and extended placed-in-service dates.
Like the many other rebuilt write-offs our engineers find, the Astra looked superb cosmetically.