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101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems: A Guide to Progressive Discipline & Termination, 3rd Edition
Because the write-up resembles neither workplace writing nor the simulated workplace writing typically assigned in communication courses, few instructors believe the genre is relevant to researching and teaching management communication.
Although the spirit of a quasi reorganization suggests a write-down will occur when net assets are adjusted to fair value, we found several companies that reported net write-ups.
Only Germany and Luxembourg prohibit write-ups and instead stick with historical cost.
General traffic-related offences produced 47 write-ups in the Paphos district, the report said.
Science Caravan is a specially designed truck which carries a consignment of scientific and technological concepts displayed through simple exhibits, colourful diagrams and photographs, specimens along with their write-ups, inflatable Planetarium system and working models on various subjects.
player profile write-ups on college prospects drafted or signed by a team, who will have a better NFL career than many drafted higher than them
ELRS received zero write-ups including zero repeat offenses.
More than 55 favorable reviews, stand-out write-ups in several international newspapers, and a solid presence in the Internet with their unique website, have resulted in being consistently rated in the Top 10 Italian restaurants in Florida.
The Colombian defender was not happy with some of the write-ups in the local press.
And, of course, she'll be expecting two write-ups, one from the Post's left hand, and the other from the right hand.