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General traffic-related offences produced 47 write-ups in the Paphos district, the report said.
Science Caravan is a specially designed truck which carries a consignment of scientific and technological concepts displayed through simple exhibits, colourful diagrams and photographs, specimens along with their write-ups, inflatable Planetarium system and working models on various subjects.
player profile write-ups on college prospects drafted or signed by a team, who will have a better NFL career than many drafted higher than them
It's like suddenly your best friend becomes your boss and you've got four write-ups in your personnel file.
I've looked but; haven't been able to find any safety messages of other write-ups to support this rumor.
Dear Editor, - I am compiling write-ups of the many boxing gymnasiums that were active in the 1930s-50s, including the training methods used of that time.
101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems
San Francisco is represented by a whopping twenty-nine reviews, ranging from an extended treatment of MOMA's traveling "Art of Assemblage" exhibition, then at the San Francisco Museum of Art, to John Coplans's curiously dismissive short notice of a survey of Matisse's late gouaches at the same institution, to succinct write-ups of shows featuring San Francisco artists like Bruce Conner and the momentarily fashionable sculptor Wilfrid Zogbaum.
He said he got a lot of press "when the press still counted"--including write-ups in Business Week and The New York Times and other major media.
Since May 1 Ramon has stayed for free in Belgium and France in return for internet write-ups.
Lengthy, honest reviews of selected restaurants are given and in other cases, brief write-ups are offered.
I ENJOYED your write-ups of the new Crossroads (Sunday Mercury, February 25 and March 4).