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But 1,000 negative write-ups or editorials will not deter us from releasing the third and subsequent lists.
Falcone, a human resources consultant, provides 101 sample write-ups for documenting employee performance problems related to probation, policy and procedure violations, performance issues, behavior and conduct infractions, and absenteeism and tardiness, in addition to termination, to provide positive and constructive discipline and rehabilitate poor performers and terminate problem employees legally.
A campaign to prevent traffic accidents was carried out on Friday night all over Cyprus, resulting in 46 alcohol-related write-ups and 128 traffic-related tickets, a police report said on Saturday.
But he was arrested later that year as part of a probe into allegations of false battle write-ups.
She is motivated and diligent in fixing open write-ups - closed over 16 discrepancies this quarter.
Over the past few days there have been numerous write-ups suggesting Di Matteo "masterminded" Chelsea to that triumph in Munich.
* draft report cards with write-ups including key college street free agents signed, and workout numbers
An agreement signed in March includes measures such as a series of eight lectures by members of the OTC Speakers Bureau to the university in the 2012-13 academic year, extensive write-ups in future ASC handbooks and information at the existing centre and the future Gordon Oak Red Bear Student Centre.
The Colombian defender was not happy with some of the write-ups in the local press.
Harpole, of Troy, Mo., hopes to write another cookbook, called "Rosalie Cooks Country." And, of course, she'll be expecting two write-ups, one from the Post's left hand, and the other from the right hand.
Many of those items stem from enthusiastic write-ups in your magazine from women whose opinions I can trust.