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Upstairs aboard the bus from Blyth, Now less high jinx, no more we'd writhe.
A similar linking of anguish and desire occupies the next lines, as the body is no longer simply trod upon by desire but writhes in response:
With regard to writhing test in mice, the number of writhes has been reduced significantly from 51.17 [+ or -] 3.28 (mean [+ or -] SEM) in Group A to 32.33 [+ or -] 3.67 in Group B and to 26.16 [+ or -] 3.98 in Group C and highly significantly to 12.17 [+ or -] 2.52 in Group D (Table 5).
In one circle of hell, Pope Boniface VIII and two recent Cardinals (Law and O'Connor) drool and and writhe, muttering perversions worthy of Sade as they wander among the bodies of some young new arrivals, preparing to molest their souls.
Of particular interest are a bevy of Stone Age curses and put-downs, including "May a woolly mammoth soil your rock shelter," "Your breath scares off hungry cave bears," and "The Sky Gods writhe at the sight of your face."
The sequence culminates in the extraordinary Baroque figureheads by the sculptor Johan Tornstrom which writhe toward the light and the heart of the military complex (at night their glass box becomes a beacon for the whole harbour).
To understand more completely how DNA supercoils and the forces that make the strands writhe, Tamar Schlick, a mathematician and Howard Hughes Medical Institute researcher at New York University, and her colleagues have developed a computer model that links knot theory to biochemistry
Sasha Fierce, then she slid into a sequinned frock to writhe around like a mermaid to the music.
She can entertain 10,000 Girl Guides, then writhe with half-naked dancers at a top gay venue in London , all in one night.
As we watch Clive Crawford of the dance group DV-8 writhe to the beat of a different drummer, Grace Slick belts out her anthem to other leaves of grass.
Dancers writhe and cavort in it, toss handfuls into the air, and collapse in ecstatic prostration.
Hence extremely sophisticated glass fixings were evolved that will allow the glass panels to remain roughly in the same relationship to each other while the supporting grid (and the bearing arms which are welded to it) writhe about overhead.