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The female writhed hornbill spent 123 days in her nest box.
"She swung round a pole, sank to her knees and writhed around in a suggestive dance.
And she writhed on the ground in despair, only her pain kept her from fainting.
The TV presenter, in a low-cut red dress, writhed and wriggled across a grand piano as she recreated Michelle Pfeiffer's Makin' Whoopee scene in the hit movie The Fabulous Baker Boys.
"Thy words are like a cloud of winged snakes," wrote Percy Bysshe Shelley But what if polymers - those long, chain-like molecules - writhed in motion like a cloud of snakes?
Check this out - this is how I roll," then writhed to Hold It Against Me, sailed along to Gimme More and delivered pin-sharp movements to Baby One More Time, all the while proving the Queen of Camp is back.
The swarm felt warm and furry; the experience of keeping both my hand and nerve steady whilst the surface of the swarm writhed and literally buzzed with energy and trusting these truly majestic little creatures is so hard to put into words and it is with great reverence that I try.