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In acetic acid-induced writhing model of analgesia, the action of minocycline was significantly more than the control group, but it was less when compared to aspirin.
Keywords: Viola serpens, Antinociceptive, Acetic-induced writhing test, Formalin test, Acute toxicity
on acetic acid writhing test in albino mice is presented in table 2.
One way ANOVA studies in acetic acid induced writhing test displayed a significant fall in the no of writhes by MeOV at doses 15 and 30 mg/kg as compared to saline.
Three minutes later, he began breathing heavily, writhing, clenching his teeth and straining to lift his head.
ONLY recently, a friend was bemoaning MTV's constant stream of 'teenagers writhing around half naked' in front of his teenage and pre-teen daughters.
Summary: Beyonce has released footage from her world tour, including her writhing on a piano and swinging on a trapeze.
The group love-in scene was interspersed with shots of the star writhing around on a bed alone, showing off her incredible figure in just a set of skimpy cream underwear and a shaggy fur gilet.
He was rolling and writhing around all over the place.
SAM Warburton has revealed how Vincent Clerc's World Cup "writhing" persuaded him not to become a Twickenham hypocrite.