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I didn't grow up saying I wanted to be a parking control officer and writing tickets every day; I grew up in a three-decker in this city saying I wanted to make a difference in the community and to be in the position to make that difference and be fair.
With Aparc's TicketManager[TM], used in issuing over 10 million citations annually nation-wide, Juneau's parking enforcement officers can look forward to a faster and more accurate method of recording and issuing citations over out-dated and illegible, manual methods of writing tickets.
The thought police start writing tickets if the discussion is leavened with even the slightest dash of scepticism.
Just the other day as I was driving along the busy road in front of Bab Al Bahrain Standard Chartered Bank, I noticed in the distance three traffic policemen writing tickets for parked vehicles that had crossed their time limits on the meter.
Are the police writing tickets very time I drive through here?
If most of the cars are traveling 62 mph, the officer will start writing tickets for those driving at 65 mph instead of 55.
But instead of reporting it to the authorities, traffic wardens took the softly-softly approach of writing tickets for almost a week.
Apparently, our genius thought all the cops would be out riding around, writing tickets or eating doughnuts, and couldn't imagine why someone hadn't thought of robbing their headquarters building before.