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(82) There is no explicit provision in the Act one way or the other for writs of error with respect to federal circuit court criminal cases.
827 (allowing appeals or writs of error to the Supreme Court "[i]n
Moore's failure to act may have been based in part on the fact that on 26 November he received notice that his royal instructions had been amended to reinstate the pre-1753 language that appeals could proceed only under writs of error. (98) The truth of the matter, however, was that he did not need to do anything, for as he later told the Board of Trade, "[T]he cause which gave rise to the appeal was intirely [sic] finished before my arrival and money paid." (99)
(125) See Letter from Caleb Strong (May 24, 1789), in 4 DHSC, supra note 48, at 395, 398 ("Writs of Error from the Circuit to the Supr.
Military courts will also hear writs of error coram nobis, but because of the post-trial nature of coram nobis (explained below), trial practitioners will almost never need to use it.