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The letter was nothing less than Lady Lydiard's reply to the written announcement of Isabel's engagement, despatched on the previous day by Miss Pink.
On one of the door-posts at this inn, was a tin plate, whereon was inscribed in characters of gold, 'Doctor Crocus;' and on a sheet of paper, pasted up by the side of this plate, was a written announcement that Dr.
Her ladyship had received Blanche's written announcement of the sudden stoppage of the bridal tour; and had penned the answer to Sir Patrick--the receipt of which at Ham Farm has been already described.
He stresses the need for executive guarantees, such as a written announcement from US president and the EU on lifting sanctions - to prevent the other side from violating its commitments.
I am extremely proud of the work we have done to make communities throughout Arkansas safer places to live," Eldridge said in the written announcement.
Immediately after VMRO-DPMNE and BDI agreed to strike a coalition and form a government, Ali Ahmeti's party, which gave up some its key party demands, issued a written announcement explaining that in the following six months they would attach top priority to Macedonia's NATO and EU integration and that unless these goals were attained BDI would reconsider its participation in Nikola Gruevski's Government.
The Ambassador of Kuwait noted in a written announcement that the financial contribution aims at supporting efforts to identify and return the remains of missing persons to their families.
In a brief written announcement to staff at the national office in Toronto, Thompson added that he "will be looking to [the department's] Senior Manager Bev Murphy for her continuing attention to its day-to-day life and work.
On April 28, 2014, in a written announcement to Clinical Oncologists, the US Food and Drug Administration pointed out that "Compared to tablets, a suspension offers the advantage of more accurately delivering the desired dose to children with a wide range of weights using a consistent administration schedule.
Kyprianou later yesterday issued a written announcement expressing his sorrow over Karydas testimony, which "attempted to blame others in his effort to shake off any of his own possible responsibilities".
This written announcement contains forward-looking statements, identified by the use of words such as "believes," "expects," "may," "will," "should", "potential," "anticipates," "plans" or "intends" and similar expressions.
Northwest Community merger activity begins as a conversation of mutual interest with both organizations' boards of directors under the guidance of the National Credit Union Association," Northwest Community CEO John Iglesias said in the written announcement.