written assurance

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The official sources informed that the cattle would be returned to owners after getting written assurance that they would not keep their animals in urban areas.
To a question, the spokesperson said the PCB has communicated the written assurance from the Bengal Cricket Association vis a vis security of the Pakistan Cricket team during the India yatra.
CHAOS reigned at the College of Vocational Studies ( CVS) for the third day when angry aspirants were denied admission to English despite given a written assurance from the college authorities.
DESPITE a written assurance from former First Minister Jack McConnell that he would back this column's campaign, Billy McNeill remains a plain old Mister.
We managed to get that written assurance from the Bulgarians but Sankey ignored it.
Even if a written assurance is to be made, careful consideration should be given to when it is signed.
But the case collapsed after it was revealed he had received a written assurance from Tony Blair's government that he was not actively wanted by the authorities.
UPPER DIR -- A multiparty conference here on Monday set a deadline to the Wapda authorities till Eidul Azha to give a written assurance that electricity supply would be provided from the Golen Gol power project to the Chukiatan grid station, otherwise transmission line won't allowed through the Upper Dir district.
Sindh Health Secretary has given us written assurance that salaries of post graduate doctors as well a stipends of house doctors suspended for past several months would be released within a week's time, he said.
LAHORE -- A Lahore High Court division bench on Monday disposed of a petition challenging issuance of black warrants of a deathrow prisoner after written assurance by the Superintendent Faisalabad Jail that the black warrants would not be implemented till the decision of convict's appeal in the Apex Court.
The government had given me a written assurance that I would be appointed to the post of OSD.
``I cannot see why this written assurance can-not be given because have answered a questionnaire sent by the Delhi police, sent them my evidence to the King Commission, agreed to further questioning in India, and have never been involved in matchfixing, '' said Boje.