written assurance

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The applicant further informed the court that the then AGP on July 25, 2013 had submitted the written assurance to the court that he would submit the resignation of advisor of CAA but it could not be submitted, so far.
He also sought a written assurance from the authorities that no harm would be brought to the family.
PDP's insistence on written assurance from the BJP on two contentious issues has forced the BJP to see red at a time when preparations were on to form the government before beginning of the budget session of parliament which begins on February 23.
LAHORE -- A Lahore High Court division bench on Monday disposed of a petition challenging issuance of black warrants of a deathrow prisoner after written assurance by the Superintendent Faisalabad Jail that the black warrants would not be implemented till the decision of convict's appeal in the Apex Court.
nz, Cairns flew out of Auckland after receiving a written assurance he will not be detained in London after agreeing to be interviewed by London Metropolitan Police and then the ICC's anti-corruption unit.
While responding to the group of protesters which raised black flags against him, the P leader reportedly joked that if Modi gives a written assurance that he would not increase the price of gas then he would join the BJP.
The move was somewhat unimportant as the board appointed Branch as its interim in September 2013, but it gave Branch written assurance she could return to her former role as financial director.
The announcement of our End-to-End Guarantee today builds on this history by providing CROMSOURCE clients a written assurance that their projects will be completed on time and to the original contract price.
The companies have given us a written assurance that they will sell one tonne of gas to traders in the city for $1, 020," he said.
Cirrus Aircraft Cirrus provides written assurance that jobs will stay in Minn.
I'm already on record as explaining how I wanted a written assurance from both Tarnow and KK himself that he is free to resume his career with us.
BA said that during talks it had offered the partial reversal of crew complements, despite a High Court ruling in its favour, agreed to future promotions and transfers on current contracts for current crew, given a written assurance about the fair share of routes and aircraft between fleets, changed its position on pay to guarantee RPI inflation rises for two years on top of increments, given assurances to protect the pay, terms and conditions for current crew and offered to allow crew who went on strike a return of staff travel.