written certificate

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It said that political parties would have to submit their annual statement of accounts alongwith written certificate by the Party head or leader that the Party has not received any prohibited funds.
All Station House Officers have been directed to sweep the places of Majalis-e-Aza and Imambargahs before start of religious activities and obtain written certificate from Bomb Disposal Squad.
The first-of-its kind Maine law states that a student who holds a written certificate for medical marijuana may not be prevented front attending school solely because they need to take the drug during the school day.
In every case, you should insist on a guarantee from the seller in the form of a written certificate and, where possible, one that quotes a gem's position on an official tanzanite quality grading scale such as that used for diamonds covering the three "Cs": colour, clarity and cut.
The provided services also provide transportation trainers, providing necessary teaching learning materials and implementation of the final evaluation interview and a written certificate.
A young southern registrant with the name George described the process as "smooth", adding that people were only required to produce their passport or a written certificate from the UNHCR.
In order to receive benefits, the employee must receive a written certificate from one or more licensed and practicing physicians that are appointed by or are acceptable to the retirement system for purposes of disability evaluation.
The MP noted that based on inspection commission was written certificate, which will be announced tomorrow at the parliamentary hearings.
You will get a written certificate to turn in to the bankruptcy court.
I hereby certify that it appears upon an examination of the within written certificate and the records of the corporation duly submitted to my inspection.
However, the bank did not issue a written certificate or other instrument evidencing the certificate of deposit.
Verification must be in the form of a written certificate that contains the name of each employee who has been trained, the dates the training took place and the subjects covered in that training.